Introducing Temporal CytometryTM

Temporal Cytomery revolutionizes cellular analysis, enabling dynamic characterizations of cellular functions at a massive scale with unparalleled data integrity.

Single-cell Analysis at Scale

Efficiently capture extensive, high-resolution temporal dynamics data with precision at the single-cell level.

Data Integrity & Reproducibility

Ensure supreme data integrity, consistently producing results that are robust and reproducible.

Controlled Environment

Replicate culturing conditions, enabling the analysis of live cells at scale while preserving their environment and context.

Temporal Cytometry by TeraCyte

Experience a revolutionary leap in cellular analysis

Biology is inherently dynamic, yet traditional measurements like those from flow cytometers often fail to capture this essence. Temporal cytometry excels in real-time, high-throughput analysis of cell behavior and function, offering unparalleled insights and capturing the dynamic nature of cellular processes.

Our Technology

The new standard in data quality for large-scale cellular dynamics analysis

Temporal Cytomery Unit

A disposable unit that integrates a high-capacity silicon chip within a perfusion chamber for precise temporal cytometry analysis at scale.

Advanced Silicon Technology

A state-of-the-art MEMS chip that leverages silicon's unparalleled precision for accurate detection and measurement at scale with up to 250,000 wells. Each well houses a single cell, ensuring detailed and accurate analysis.

High-Throughput Temporal Dynamic Analysis:

Integrate multiple disposable units to analyze the temporal dynamics of millions of cells simultaneously, yielding a comprehensive and reliable dataset for accurate, statistically validated findings.

Meticulous Environmental Control

Housed in a perfusion chamber with a microfluidic system, the unit enables meticulous environmental control.

Extract Highly Accurate Morphological Data

Harness advanced machine vision tools to precisely extract morphological features at scale.

Fluorescent Data Qualification and Standardization

TeraCyte systematically normalizes and standardizes fluorescent data, ensuring consistency and reproducibility, enabling efficient training of AI models.

Temporal Cytometer

Dedicated instrument for high-throughput imaging temporal cytometry and precise data capture.

Imaging and Data Capture

The instrument features a state-of-the-art automated imaging system equipped with proprietary super-contrast bright field and fluorescent imaging capabilities.


Engineered for efficient processing, the imager  can capture up to 100,000 images every minute, accumulating up to 1 billion readouts daily.

Reduced Noise

Silicon’s refined surface reflects light flawlessly, enhancing imaging clarity and ensuring data quality unmatched by other technologies.

Proprietary Data Processing

Efficiently transform vast quantities of time-lapse images into high-integrity, normalized data sets

Robust Data Extraction

Efficiently converts large volumes of time-lapse imaging into structured
and normalized data sets, maintaining the integrity of every dataset throughout
the processing stages.

Normalization and Consistency

TeraCyte emphasizes normalization and standardization of the data, ensuring consistency, reproducibility, and comparability across datasets.

Redefine What's Possible with Temporal Cytometry

TeraCyte opens new research avenues in
bio-production, clinical research, personalized medicine, and beyond

Discover The TeraCyte Platform

An end-to-end platform for temporal cytometry research. It excels in high-throughput, single-cell temporal data collection for any cell type and empowers you to extract actionable insights with advanced analytics tools.