End-to-End Temporal CytometryTM Solution

A seamless pipeline from experiment planning, to capturing cellular dynamics as digital data, to extracting value-added insights.


Plan your experiments and calibrate assays via an intuitive digital interface.


Capture temporal cytometry data at scale while ensuring data reliability and reproducibility.


Process and structure vast quantities of data into normalized and standardized formats primed for analysis.


Store and share temporal cytometry data, empowering collaboration between lab and data teams.


Utilize a comprehensive suite of advanced analytical tools and AI models to extract profound insights.

1. Plan Expirament

2. Capture data

3. Normalize & Structure

4. Move to Repository

5. Generate Insights

Temporal CytometryTM

Experience a breakthrough in cellular analysis with cutting-edge technology that redefines data quality standards for large-scale studies of cellular dynamics.

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A seamless workflow tailored for temporal cytometry, from data collection to advanced analytics

For Cell Biologists &
Lab Technicians

Precise, high-throughput time-lapse data capture and continuous monitoring of live cells within a controlled environment.

For Data

Gain access to massive-scale temporal dynamics data of unprecedented quality and utilize advanced analytics tools.

End-to-End Data Pipeline

Ensure efficient progression from experiment planning and high-throughput data capture to generating value-added insights.

Empowering Collaborative Analysis

Designed to empower both lab technicians and data scientists, TeraCyte provides a seamless environment for collaborative exploration and interpretation of vast-scale temporal cytometry data.

AI-Ready Temporal Cytometry Data

TeraCyte sets new benchmarks in data reliability, reproducibility, and integrity.  generating foundational data for AI-driven models in biological applications.


Digital Workspace
for Experiment Planning

Streamlined Assay Setup

Simplify management and calibration of crucial experimental components, such as perfusion, treatments, and imaging settings.

Experiment Templates

Calibrate, save, and auto-load assay settings for specific experiments.

Enhanced Experiment Management

Utilize calendar integration and collaborative tools to streamline your workflow. 


Plug & Play Imaging

Automated High-Throughput Imaging

Seamlessly record extensive, high-quality temporal cytometry data with time-lapse imaging.

Generate Rich Metadata

Automatically compile detailed metadata, including imaging conditions, time stamps, and biological parameters.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor imaging settings and validate and track imaging progress with real-time previews.

TeraCyte Chip

High-capacity silicon array housed within a perfusion chamber.
Each chip is designed to analyze a large number
of cells for temporal cytometry analysis at scale

Temporal Cytometer

Dedicated instrument for high-throughput temporal cytometry imaging and precise data capture, featuring an automated microscopy system equipped with  bright field and fluorescent imaging capabilities. 

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Robust Data Processing

Data Normalization and Standardization

Convert time-lapse images into structured, normalized datasets, ensuring data integrity at every stage.

Precise Data Extraction

Automatically extract key metrics from time-lapse images with unprecedented accuracy.

Advanced Image Processing

Seamless segmentation, filtering, and feature extraction, powered with fast, parallelized processing.


Data Management & Collaboration

Robust Data Management & Storage

Utilize secure, managed storage solutions for efficient handling and easy access to temporal cytometry data sets and metadata.

Interactive Visualization & Dashboards

Dashboards for real-time monitoring and data visualization.

Comprehensive Reporting

Automated report generation with key findings and visualizations.

Collaboration Tools

Facilitate cooperation between lab and data teams through streamlined data storage and sharing.


Insight Generation

Cross-Experiment Comparison

Seamlessly compare and merge datasets across experiments.

Zoom in & Out

Conduct precise, quantitative analysis of individual cells or broad population dynamics, integrating hundreds of parameters for millions of cells into a single comprehensive dataset.

Analytic Tools

Leverage a suite of proprietary analytical tools and AI models.

AI-Ready Data

Seamlessly train AI models utilizing high quality data sets.

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Leverage precision silicon technology, state-of-the-art imaging, streamlined collaboration tools, and powerful analytics to derive value-added insights from cellular dynamics data

Security & Compliance

Experience peace of mind with our robust security protocols and stringent adherence to data protection regulations.

User-friendly Interface

Navigate effortlessly through our intuitive, integrated UI, optimized for a seamless experience on all devices.

Dedicated Support 

Count on our comprehensive technical support, complemented by regular updates and continuous enhancements.

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